Pilodist PETRODIST 300 S 全自动减压蒸馏仪 (1 Torr)

Available flask sizes: 1000 mL

flask Flask charge: 500 mL

Max. flask temperature: 400° C (750° F)

Operating pressure: vacuum down to 1 Torr

Power consumption: 3500 W (without options)

Max ambient temperature: 25° C

Mains supply: 208 – 250 V, 50 Hz (60 Hz upon request)

Dimensions (w x h x d) approx 0.65 x 0.98 x 0.65 m

Delivery Scope:

Electrical high temperature heating bath for flask 1000 ml, including the temperature sensor PT-100 x 1

Insulation mantle for the upper half of the flask x 1

Lifting platform with integrated stirrer x 1

Distillation flasks, made of glass, 1000 ml x 2

Flask temperature sensor PT-100, stainless steel x 1

Distillation head with silvered vacuum jacket, with integrated product cooler and condenserx 1

Head temperature sensor PT-100 (according to ASTM-standard) x 1

Graduated distillate receivers, 500 ml , with double mantle, and dripping plate x 1

Vacuum cold trap x 1

Analog manometer from -1...+0,6 bar for display of actual system pressure status x 1

Vacuum sensor, independent of the type of gas, with inconel diaphragm, measuring range 100 Torr absolute pressure x 1

Vacuum control valve with throttle valve x 1

Vacuum pump, 2-stages, 8 m3/h x 1

Circulating heating thermostat, operating range to 100°Cx 1

Set of lines, sealings and accessories x 1

Rack for the mounting of all items, which is equipped with all mechanical components and specific electric control elements x 1

Distillation Control Device DCD4001 for automatic heater control as well as laptop for evaluation & final data generation incl. distillation curve Computer-Controlled Device for PILODIST Distillation systems with all necessary and peripheral components. Contains the operation and control elements for all parameters like Temperature, Vacuum, Limit and Alarm system. The actual parameters can be displayed in graphical curves to inform the operator about the actual status. The set Parameters can be saved as recipes and reloaded. Via a special software button, the actual Head temperature (AET) can be transferred to a excel sheet for the automatic generation of the final data’s with boiling point curve. x 1

PILODIST touch screen (15,6”) x 1

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