PRODIGIT 34140A Compact High Power DC Electronic Load (60V,1000A,40KW)

Power: 40KW

Current: 0~100A/0~1000A

Voltage: 0~60V

Min.Operation Voltage: 0.1V at 100A/0.7V at 1000A


  Over Power Protection (OPP): 105%

  Over Current Protection (OCP): 104%

  Over Voltage Protection (OVP): 105%

  Over Temp Protection (OTP): Yes                           

CC mode:

  Range: 0~100A/0~1000A

  Resolution: 1.6mA/16mA

  Accuracy:    ±(0.1% of Setting + 0.2% of Range)

CR mode:

  Range: 0.06~3600Ω/0.001~0.06Ω

  Resolution: 277uS/0.001mΩ

  Accuracy:    ±0.2%

CV modes:

  Range: 60V

  Resolution: 1mV

  Accuracy:    ±0.05%

CP mode:

  Range: 4000W/40000W

  Resolution: 64mW/640mW

  Accuracy:    ±0.5%

Measurement mode (Load):

  Voltage: 0 ~ 6V/6~60V, ±0.025%

  Current : 0 ~ 100A/100~1000A, ±0.1%

  Power : 10000W/40000W, ±0.125%

Short circuit current: 1000A

Dimension (HxWxD): 1509x647x766mm

Weight: 430 kg

Optional interface: GPIB, RS264, USB, LAN



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