QUICK 441B 卧式交流型离子风机(Ion,AC)

Power (when warm): 350W

The output voltage: AC 5.6KV

Ion balance: Adjusted to within ±10V at the factory (300mm from the panel)

Air volume: ≤3.3 m 3 /min

Ozone production: 0.03ppm or less (150mm from the center of the air outlet)

Operating environment: 0-50°C 60-70% RH

Effective range: 900 × 1800mm

filter device: Option

External size: 390(L) × 210(W) × 190(H)mm

weight: About 7.9kg



1. The adjustable speed fan produces a wide range of ion currents. 

2. The ion balance is stable and adjustable. 

3. Built-in ion emitter cleaner for easy cleaning. 

4. Built-in safety low-power heater with warm air device.


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