QUICK 854 预热台

power: 400W

Heating area: 130 × 130mm

Heating body material: Ceramic heating body

Temperature Sensor: K type thermocouple

temperature range: 50 ° C ~ 350 ° C

Thermometer test range: 0 to 600 ° C

Ambient temperature: 0 to 40 ° C

Temperature stability: ±1°C

Dimensions: 255(L) × 200(W) × 63(H)mm

weight: About 2.5kg



1. Imported infrared ceramic heating body, fast heating, high efficiency and long service life. 

2. Comes with a thermometer for easy temperature detection. 

3. The sensor is closed loop PID control, the temperature is accurate and stable. 

4. It can be used for preheating of circuit boards and other processes that require uniform heating. 

5. Anti-static design.


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