REN THANG RFT-201-U 电阻成型机 (84000 pcs/h)

Body length: 6 - 40 mm

Lead Length: 3.6-10 mm

Shoulder: 1.2 min

Body diameter: 1.5-8 mm

Lead Wire diameter: 0.35-0.8 mm

Capacity: 84000 pcs/h

RFT-201-U, standard(U)

Power: 110/220 V AC. 60/50HZ


Weight: 24 Kgs



RFT-201U series lead former/cutters offers economical solutions for companies whose assemblies include axial components.

Low maintenance taped axial lead formers process up to 35,000 with placing any stress on your parts.

Independent rotary disc cutters for longer cutting life.

Heavy duty and Powerful construction- Sustainable lifespan.

Bench-top / Desktop equipment is suitable for limited space.

Ready-to-use setup - customers can use the machine right after receipt of it

Never damage component leads or components body.



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