Resistance meter calibration service

With the aim of serving customers with the best after-sales services, EMIN Vietnam has established the Equipment Inspection - Calibration - Repair Service Center. With the support from numerous equipment manufacturers in the world, EMIN Vietnam possesses well-prepared calibrating instruments. EMIN Vietnam has successfully repaired and calibrated specialized equipment in Vietnam, ensuring the quickness, effectiveness and convenience for customers. Only few technical trading company in Vietnam do possess this technical capacity including EMIN Vietnam.

>> Resistance Tester
Resistance Tester or insulation resistance tester plays an important role in the field of industrial electronics and in academic research, is a device that brings visual and practical to users.

>> Other information
Stemming from the practical needs of each field, the measuring device has a compact structure, providing the fastest and most accurate results, convenient for moving, increasing mobility for people. use.

Insulation resistance measuring device is a resistance measuring device with a very large scale and limit of measurement used to measure, analyze, check and test the insulation resistance of electrical insulation equipment or materials.

Depending on the electrical safety field to ensure the safety of people and machinery equipment, the protective insulation is very important, so there will be different requirements for insulation resistance measuring equipment.

♦ Insulation tester is a specialized device
Currently, on the market there are quite a variety of types of insulation resistance measuring devices such as: multimeters for measuring insulation resistance, measuring gauges for ground resistance testing, isolation resistance meters, ...

The insulation resistance tester is a specialized device used heavily in such fields because of the following reasons:

 > Resistance tester has many working voltage levels, can use 1-way or 2-way power to work.

 > High voltage insulation test controller has a predictive function, suitable for analyzing insulation characteristics of cables, transformers, motors, generators, etc.

 > The insulation Resistance tester  can customize the voltage for each voltage level. All graphics specifications and results are displayed on screen.

 > After work is done, the insulation resistance tester will automatically discharge after testing with discharge voltage monitoring.

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