Rigol DM3068 6½位数字万用表(USB,LAN,GPIB,RS232)

Dislay : 6½ Digit 6 1/2 Digit DMM with USB, LAN, GPIB, RS232

256×64 LCD

DC Voltage: -1000 V ~ 1000 V

DC Voltage Accuracy : 0.0035%

DC Current: 2 mA ~ 10 A

AC Voltage: 200 mV ~ 750 V

AC Current: 20 mA ~ 10 A

Max. Reading Speed : 10K readings

2-Wire, 4-Wire Resistance: 200 O ~ 100 MO

 Capacitance Measurement: 2 nF ~ 200 µF 

Continuity Test: Range is fixed at 2 kO

Diode Test: Range is fixed at 2.0 V

Frequency Measurement: 3 Hz ~ 300 kHz

Period Measurement: 3.3 µs ~ 0.33 s

Manufacturer : Rigol - China




DM3068 Digital Multimeter

DM3068 is a digital multimeter designed with 6 ½ digits readings resolution especially fitting to the needs of high-precision, multifunction and automatic measurement. It adopts many todays new technologies to achieve high performance, abundant features in the same class. Its designed to aim at the
requirements of the largest DMM market from the research, education,industrial electronics,consumer electronics and automotive industries with its innovative technology,industry leading specifications,powerful measurement functions and broad analysis capabilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Real 6 ½ digits readings resolution (2,200,000 Count)     
  • Up to 10k rdgs/s of measurement speed and 512 K rdgs Volatile Memory
  • True-RMS AC Voltage Current measurement
  • Built-in 10 groups data storage,10 groups setup storage
  • Built-in Thermcouple compensate in Cold terminal, support customized any sensor measurement and 3 types of temperature sensors: TC, RTD and THERM
  • Clone or backup all the configurations within instrument into other DM3068 via U-disc
  • UltraSensor software: Easy, convenient and flexible to support "Any sensor" measurements
  • Real time Trend and Histogram Display functions
  • Standard interface: USB Device, USB Host, LAN, RS-232, GPIB, support U-disc storage and Web remote control (LXI-C)
  • Remote control with SCPI commands
  • 256×64 LCD
  • Support double display, Chinese and English menu
  • Push-help makes information acquire more easier
  • File management (support for U-disc and local storage)

Advanced functions




  • Real 6 ½ digits resolution

  • Easy to measure AC signal with double display









  • Standard Capacitor measurement function

  • 10 groups Preset function









  • “Any sensor” function

  • Support multiple temperature sensors









  • Support multiple commands
  • File management
    (support U-disk and local storage)







  • Math function

  •  Statistic function







  • Histogram display
  •  Trendline display





 For detailed performance parameters and technical specifications, refer to DM3068 Datasheet


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