Rigol DP821A 可编程线性直流电源(60V / 1A,8V / 10A,2CH)

0-60V/1A, 0-8V/10A,Dual Channel with Remote Sense

Low Ripple Noise: <350 uvrms="" 2mvpp="" span="">

Excellent Linear Regulation Rate and Load Regulation Rate

Fast Transient Response Time: <50us

Standard OVP/OCP/OTP protection functions

Standard Timing function

Built in V,A,W measurements and waveform display

Support Output Delay, Analysis, Monitor, Preset functions

Independent control for each channel

3.5 Inch TFT Display

Connectivity: USB Host& Device, LAN(LXI Core Device 2011), RS232,Digital IO,USB-GPIB(Opt.)

Manufacturer: Rigol



Advanced functions Large screen display , novel and beautiful appearance Abundant connectvity DP821A GUI LAN Setup Output Delay Timing Output V/A/W Display Output Analysis Function Monitor Setup Trigger In/Out Order Info For detailed performance parameters and technical specifications, refer to DP800 Series Datasheet

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