Roeckle 5524/200/KK 电子水平仪 (200mm, 0.01mm/m)

Length: 200 mm

Accuracy: 0.01 mm/m

Digit step: 10 µm at unit "mm/m"

Digit step: 1 µm at unit "mm/200mm" (Suitable for flatness measurements, since the length of the spirit level is 200 mm and does not need to be converted)

Measuring range: ±15 degrees (± 261 mm/m)

Error limit according to DIN 2276-2: fmax = 0.04% of MW, min. 0.01% of ME

(ME = measuring range end value, MW = measuring value, fmax = maximum error limit)

Drift: 0.05% / hr of ME

Temperature coefficient: 0.1% of ME per °C

Working temperature: 20 °C ± 5K

Storage temperature: from -30 °C to + 70 °C

Dimensions (LxWxH): 200x160x78 mm

Weight without case: 4,1 kg

Li-ion battery: 10h operating time

Measuring surface fine grinding: max. 5μ

CE-compliant and EMC tested

According to DIN 877 and DIN 2276-2



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