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Samyon FACO-II 游离氧化钙测试仪

Purpose: Free calcium oxide (fCaO) is an important index for measuring clinker quality, it can accurate and quick determine the clinker fCaO cement quality control.  

Power: 220V±10% 50HZ 500W

Electrical machine: Non-polar speed regulation

The temperature of working environment: 5-40℃

The relative humidity in the working environment: 50-85%

Time: 1-99min (default 5 minutes)

The adjusted temperature: 0-99℃ (default 80℃)

The temperature error: ±1℃

The type of conductivity: DJS-1 type platinum black electric pole

The electric pole constant: 1 range 0.9-1.1 on the electric pole is with in the 1

Measuring range: fCaO is within 4.0% However, a according

Conductivity: 0-2000μs/cm

The resolution ratio of conductivity: 1μs/cm

Accuracy: 1μs/cm

The average heating speed: 5℃/min


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