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Samyon RCM 混凝土迁移测试仪 (0~400 mA)

Executive Standard:

NT BUILD 492(Chloride Migration Coefficient from Non -Steady - State Migration Experiments)

EU – Project CHLORTEST G6RD -CT – 2002 – 00855

CEN TC 51(CEN TC 104)/WG12/TG5

Guide to Durability design ad Construction of Concrete Structures (CCES-01-2004)

Detection method: Electromigration method (RCM)

Test indicators: Concrete chloride migration coefficient


According to DuraCrete unsteady electromigration test theory, this method is to quantitatively evaluate the concrete resistance capacity to chloride ion diffusion, and to test the basic parameters with the design and durability of concrete structures and life assessment and prediction in the chloride ion erosion environment.

Test is acceptable for concrete specimens which are maximum aggregate size not more than 25mm (usually not more than 20mm) experimental production or from the core entities. Specimen data can be used as the basis for concrete durability mix design in chloride environment and concrete quality inspection and assessment.

Technical parameters

1. Test channels: 6 channels, 9 channels, 12 channels, optional

2. Output current range: 0~400 mA

3. Output current accuracy: +/-1mA

4. Temperature accuracy: +/-1centigrade

5. Output voltage: 0~60V (+/-0.1V) DC (adjustable)

6. Output Power Voltage: 220V+/-10 /50Hz AC


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