SANKO MR-200Ⅱ 水分计(木材,纸张,砂浆/混凝土)

The above photo is MR-200Ⅱ unit with TG-PA probe (optional and separately ordered)

Basic type of moisture measurement

  • Optional probes corresponding to applications for wood, paper, mortar/concrete, etc.
  • Large, easy-to-read LC-display with compact design
  • Easy-to-check moisture or dryness with High/Low limit functions.


Measuring method  :   DC electric resistance type
Range  :   Depending on probes (option)
              TG-PA : for wood  3.550%
              KG-PA : for papers, cardboard   3.540%
              PM-PA : for mortar / plaster  0.815%
              MC mode (moisture content)   :  1100
Mode   :  Water content % , water content comparison mode (Moisture content)
Mean value indication : Max. 20 point of mean values are displayed.
Display   :  LCD reading, connecting-probe indication, Hold-function indication,
              High/Low limit indication, Battery-residue indication
Alarm setting :  High/Low limits values setting (one of either limits is also possible)
                     Optimal numerical value (0.1% step) , MC : 299 (1 step)
Temperature compensation  :  Automatic temperature compensating(ON or OFF setting)
Power source  :  Alkali dry battery LR03 (1.5 V)×4, Non stop running about 30 hrs,
                        Auto-power off, Battery residue indication.
Operating temperture  :  0-40 (non condensing)
Weight and dimensions  :   80(W)×35(H)×150(D)mm, 200g
Accessories  :   Carrying bag
Option  :   Probes, Moisture reading checker

(Option) standard probes: for MR-200, MR-300
Model/weight & dimensions Measurement range Applications
TG-PA (for timber)
50(W) x 30(H) x 135(D) mm
3.5~50% Building materials, furniture, packing, boards, timber in general
MC-mode MC-3: 1~100 units Control, inspection of dryness of food, chemical synthesis products in process
KG-PA (for papers, cardboard)
50(W) x 40(H) x 150(D) mm
3.5~40% Papers, cardboard, old papers papers in general
MC-mode MC-2: 1~100 units Control, inspection of dryness of fiber products in process
PM-PA (mortar, plaster)
50(W) x 30(H) x 130(D) mm
0.8 ~15% Mortar, concrete, plaster etc.,
MC-mode MC-1 : 1~100 units Control, inspection of dryness of ceramic products in process
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