SBS-2002 数字电池比重计/密度计(1.000~1.300)

Manufacturer: SBS
Model: SBS-2002
Made in: USA
- Method of Detection: Specific gravity: light refraction system
- Range: 1.000 ~ 1.300
- Indicator: LCD display; specific gravity, temperature
- Measuring time: within 3 seconds after pushing “Start” button
- Power Supply: DC 9V alkaline battery
- Accuracy: +/- 0.002
- Automatically temperature compensated to 77°F (25°C)
- Suction tube: 9.5”
- Compact and only 8 oz.
- Carrying case included 
- Time savings: 5 times faster than conventional methods
- For lead acid batteries only
- SBS-2002 Includes:
   + 3 Sampling Tubes
   + 9 V Alkaline Battery
   + Adjustable Hand Strap
   + Carrying case
   + Instruction manual


  - SBS-2002 Data Sheet

  - SBS-2002 Users Manual

  - SBS-2002 Cleaning Guide

Digital Battery Hydrometer / Density Meter

SBS-2002: Digital Specific Gravity Tester for Lead Acid Batteries 

Specific gravity testing has never been this easy. Simply insert the nozzle into the battery and depress the finger pump which draws a few drops of sulfuric acid (H2S04) through the tube. Within three seconds the measured refractive index is converted into a temperature compensated specific gravity reading and then both the specific gravity and temperature are displayed.

The SBS-2002 is lightweight, durable and easy to use, making it suitable for use in all industrial environments from Data Centers to Utility Substations.


Applications / Industries:

  • Battery
  • Petroleum
  • Food
  • Alcohol 



  • Time savings — 5 times faster than conventional methods
  • ±0.002 accuracy
  • Measures specific gravity and ambient temperature
  • Automatically temperature compensates to 77º ˚F (or 25º C)
  • LED display
  • For lead-acid batteries only
  • IP64 water resistant
  • Field calibrate with distilled water


SBS-2002 Includes:

  • Main unit
  • Three (3) silicone tubes
  • 9V battery
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • Instruction manual
  • Case


Ordering Information

Part No. Description
SBS-2002 Digital specific gravity tester (Fahrenheit only)
SBS-2002C Digital specific gravity tester (Celsius only)


Accessory Ordering Information

Part No. Description
2002-SPR-PRT-KIT Spare parts kit includes: O-ring, sample
chamber w/ rubber pump, (3) 9" sample tubes
2002-HOL Holster w/ belt for SBS-2002



Measured Items Specific gravity of sulfuric acid temp. compensated to 77° F (25° C)
Temperature of sulfuric acid as electrolyte in lead-acid batteries
Display LCD; specific gravity and temperature
Measuring Time Within 3 seconds after pushing "START" button
Measurement Range Specific gravity: 1.000 to 1.300
Temperature: 41 to 104° F (5 to 40° C)
Specific gravity: ±0.002 @ 50 to 86° F (10 to 30° C)
Temperature: ±1.8° F @ 50 to 86° F (±1° C @ 10 to 30° C)
Resolution Specific gravity: 0.001
Temperature: ±1° F (±1° C)
Method of Detection Light refraction system
Size & Weight 2.75" x 1.75" x 8.25"; 0.66 lbs.
Suction Nozzle 9.5"L x 1/8" dia. flexible silicone tube
Power Supply 9V alkaline battery


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