SENDIG S928 多通道在线监测记录系统

  • 制造商: SENDIG
    Model: S928
    保障: 12 month
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  • Price (exclude tax) 1,338 VND
    Price (include tax) 1,472 VND
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Model: S928

Manufacturer: Sendig-China

Warranty: 12 months



1. Shear-mode Ceramic piezoelectric

2. Case: stainless steel, air-tight, electrical isolation to reduce ground disturbance

3. Working temperature: -20~100oC or -20~180oC(high temperature type)

4. Mount: M5 screw


1. Amplitude Range(To be defined, Default is Velocity 25mm/s) & Frequency 


★Displacement(Equivalent Peak-Peak): 3mm, 1.2~1000Hz

★Velocity(True RMS): 25mm/s, 1.2~2000Hz

★Acceleration(Equivalent Peak): 100m/s2, 1.2Hz~10kHz

★Bearing condition(Acceleration envelope): 25m/s2, 1.2Hz~2kHz demodulated

2.Working temperature: -20~80 oC


24V Looped power & 4-20mA overall value output

Dynamic Output

Accuracy: 5%(may depend on range)

4. Transmitter Size: 98x73x30(mm)

5. Power: 20~30V(DC)

6. Output mode:2-line loop power or 3-line(power, output, and ground)

7. 4-20mA Output:Maximal transmit distance: 1km

Protection: open circuit, short circuit.

8. Accelerometer

Measurement accuracy (include accelerometer): 3dB(Full frequency Range), 1dB(>2.5Hz), 0.5dB(>4Hz)

l Display, Recorder and Alarming

1. LCD display, 5.6 inch, 320x240 dots, Sample frequency 1Hz, 

2. Alarm: relay contact capacity: 250V 3A, 4-levels thresholds, 4 seconds alarm delay  

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