SEW 188 FFF 断路器接线检测计插座追踪器查接地线电气网路(110~240V)


Tuner Circuit Mid Frequency: 10kHz

Bar Graph Leds: 9

Battery Indicator Led: 1

On Button: 1

Off Button: 1

Buzzer: 1

Auto-off (Min) Approx: 1

Power Source: 9V (6F22 006P) x 1 battery

Dimensions: 200(L) x 50(W) x 40(H) mm

Weight: 112g

Material: Polycarbonate/ABS


Working Voltage: 110 to 240 Vac (50/60Hz)

Frequency of Sourced Signal: 10 kHz

Dimensions: 60 (L) x 50(W) x 30(H) mm

Weight: 134g

Connection: Specify type of plug




● The 188FFF is a Fuse and Fault Finder which comprises of two
    parts : The Receiver and the Transmitter.
● The Transmitter, draws a current from the mains supply circuit to
   which it is connected to. The Signal
● Current from the Tx is at about 10kHz. The Transmitter is powered
   by the mains and requires no batteries.
● The 10kHz signal current generated by the Transmitter is then
   searched(sniffed) by the Receiver to detect the Fuse, Circuit
   Breaker or the faulty circuit.
● The Receiver is a tuned circuit which has it is center frequency tuned
    to about 10kHz. The sensor is located in the tip of the Receiver.
● The amplitude of the received signal is shown on a bar-graph type
● The more Leds ON, the stronger the signal.
● The Receiver uses one 9V battery.
  Tuner circuit mid
 Bar graph leds   9
  Battery indicator led   1
 On button   1
  Off button   1
  Buzzer   1
  Auto-off(Min)  approx   1
  Material   Polycarbonate / ABS
  Dimensions   200(L) × 50(W) × 40(D)mm
  (battery included)
  Approx. 112g 
  Power source   9V(6F22) × 1
  Safety standard   EN 61010-1  EN 61326-1
  Working voltage   110 to 240 Vac
  Frequency of
  sourced signal
  Dimensions   60(L) × 50(W) × 30(D)mm
  Weight    Approx. 134g 
  Connection   Specify type of plug
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