Sinothinker Semen Analyzer 化学和免疫分析仪 (340, 405, 450, 492, 505, 560; 630nm)

Wavelength: 7 filters of 340, 405, 450, 492, 505, 560 and 630nm, with single and double wavelength setting 

Light source: long—life high light LED cold light source, more than 100,000 hours working, no need to replace the light source lamp 

Optical system: 8-channeI fiber spectroscopy system, automatically searching the central point reading. 

Wavelength accuracy: ± 1nm , bandwidth: 8nm 

Measuring range: 0.0 - 4.000Abs 

Resolution: 0.001 Abs ( display) , 0.0001 Abs(internal calculation) 

Stability: ≤± 0.005Abs 

Channel difference: ≤+0.015Abs 

Indication error: ≤± 0.015Abs 

Temperature incubation precision ≤± 0.3˚C 

Calculation mode: single—point, linearity, broken line, three—parameter, logistic curve etc. 

Reading speed: single wavelength 10 seconds/plate, double wavelength 20 seconds/plate 

Q.C. function: L—J, X, S, automatic storage of quality control data, can display and print multiple quality control charts. 

Self—check function: self—check and calibration function 

Printer: external printer, A4 paper report 

Interface: RS—232 two—way communication interface, USB interface 

Power supply: SMPS: ac110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz ±1Hz; 100VA 

Working condition: Temp. 5˚C~40˚C; relative humidity: ≤85%

Dimensions: 50cm(L)*34cm(W)*24CM(H) 

Weight: 14KG


Power line 1pcs

Grounding line 1pcs

Fuse 3.15AL250v 1pcs

Mouse 1pcs

USB to network port conversion line 1pcs

Software 1set



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