SJJW CH800-A 混凝土楼板厚度测试仪

Product usage
Testing concrete floor thickness
Detection nonmetallic material thickness(Wall, beam, pillar, lumber, ceramic)
1. Host and receiving probe adopt fission style to decrease contact surface of receiving probe and floor
2. Intelligent read result and automatic lock and real-time display thickness value reduce the human error and labor intensity.
3. Emission probe and receiving probe is wireless communication mode. No need to contact any wire.
4. Nondestructive testing of double surfaces. Floor does not need any treatment. No need coupling agent.
5. High test speed. Average 3 minutes could test 3-5 test points.
6. High test precision. Instrument provides data to guide to aim at the probe.
7. Thickness display directly. No need analysis conversion. The results can be stored and printed.
Work environment condition
Ambient temperature:-10℃ - +40℃(Avoid long time sun direct explosion)
Relative humidity (RH)
Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
No strong alternating electromagnetic field
Main performance index
1. Thickness test range (mm) : 40 - 600
2. Thickness test accuracy 40 - 400(mm) : ≤±1mm 
3. Thickness test accuracy 401 - 600 (mm) : ≤±2mm
4. Data storage capacity : 40000 test point data
5. Size (mm) : 270×150×45
6. Transmitting probe (mm) : Ф100×120   
7. Receiving probe (mm) : Ф60×80
8. Power Supply : 9VDC Alkaline cell X 6
9. Emission probe power : 9VDC Built-in high energy lithium battery
10. Interface type : USB-B connector
11. Lengthening bar (Aluminium alloy ): 4 poles Ф25×600mm
12. Size (mm) : 220×145×60
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