skSATO SK-1260 防水数显 (-30.0~199.9°C;-99.9~1250°C)

Measuring range: 

Thermistor: -30.0 to 199.9°C

K Thermocouple: -99.9 to 1250°C


Thermistor: 0.1°C at -30.0 to 199.9°C

K Thermocouple: 

0.1°C at -99.9 to 199.9°C

1°C at 200°C to 1250°C



Main unit: ±0.2°C


±(0.1%rdg + 0.2)°C at 0.0 to 150.0°C

±(0.2%rdg + 0.4)°C at -30.0 to -0.1°C ,150.1 to 199.9°C

K Thermocouple

Main unit: 

±(0.1%rdg + 0.3)°C at 0.0 to 199.9°C

±0.5°C at -99.9 to -0.1°C

±(0.2%rdg + 1)°C at 200 to 1250°C

Sensor (JIS class 1):

±1.5°C at -40 to 375 °C

±0.004 |t| at 375 to 1000°C

Operational Functions:

MAX : maximum memory data

MIN : minimum memory data

HOLD : data hold

REL : measurement of variation

TIME : time settings

REC/PRINT : record and print

Alarm : upper and lower limit  

Waterproof property:

Conforming to JIS C0920 

Protection class 4 (equivalent to IPX4)

Sensing elements: Thermistor / K Thermocouple

Power requirements: 6VDC ("AAA" size battery x 4) or AC adapter (option)

Battery life: 

About 180 hours continuous with manganese batteries

 About 280 hours continuous with alkali batteries


Main unit : ABS resin


Sensing stem: Stainless steel  (SUS316)

Handle: ABS resin

Dimensions: Main unit: (W)66 x (H)175 x (D)25 mm

Weight: approx. 200 g (main unit including batteries)

Standard Accessories : Standard probe SK-S100K, soft pouch w/ neck strap, "AAA" size manganese battery x 4



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