skSATO SK-L200THIID 温度记录器 (-45~205.0°C)

Display range: -45 to 205.0°C

(depending on a probe connected)

Resolution: 0.1°C at -9.9 to 205.0°C

1°C at -10°C or less

Accuracy: ±(0.1°C + 1 digit)

Probes connected: SK-LTII series probes

Sampling (display): about 1 sec.

Display functions: TIME (display time), INT (log interval) REC (during logging), RES (during preset standby), OUT (during real-time transmission), LCD bars (used memory)

CALL (call for the current measurement data during logging)

Current temperature, Current humidity, Current date and time, low battery symbol, Temp. upper limit (Hi), Temp. lower limit (Lo), Temp. alarm ON (Alarm), logging option, setting value of upper and lower limits, error message, ID number

Memory capacity: 8100 lines of data, but depending on the logging option

(four logging potions: Once, Repeatability, Ends at, By page)

Log interval: 1sec., 2sec., 5sec., 10sec., 15sec., 30sec.

1min., 2min., 5min., 10min., 15min., 30min., 60min., 90min.

Communication: USB

Operation ambient: -10 to 60°C, no condensing

Storage ambient: 0 to 50°C

Power requirement: "AAA" size alkaline battery x 2; or AC adapter (option)

Battery life: 

Under continuous measurement mode : more than 500 hours

Under logging mode: possible to log 8100 data with every log interval

(ex.: about 506 days with log interval of 90 minutes.)

Dimensions: (W) 100 x (H) 73 x (D) 22 mm

Weight: about 123 g (exclusive of batteries)

Materials: ABS resin

Accessories: CD-Rom (Data analysis and real-time software), USB cable (1.5m) , USB port cap (factory set), hand strap, "AAA" size battery x 2



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