Skylark EFT-5K30 高压发电机 (0,25-5kV )

Open circuit output voltage:0.25-5kV ±5%

50Ω load output voltage: 0.125-2.5kV ±5%

Wave sharp of the pulse: 5/50ns,50Ω/1000Ωload

Rise time: 

- 5ns ±30%,50Ω load 

- 5ns ±30%,1000Ω load


- 50ns ±30%,50Ω load

- 50ns -15/+100sn,1000Ω load

Impedance: 50Ω ±20%

Output polarity: Negative

Repetition frequency: 0.1-1200.0kHz ±10%

Burst duration Standard: 15ms@2.5kHz/5kHz,750μs@100kHz,250μs@300kHz

Burst duration Adjustable: Nos of pulse can adjust at 1-255. Burst duration=(pulse number-1)/repetition frequency

Burst period: 100-999ms

Burst mode: Synchronous or asynchronous

Synchronous phrase: Free set at 0-360° , resolution: 1°

Test function: IEC standard or set test mode freely (1000 groups)

Built-in coupling and decoupling network (3-phrase and 5 wires): 

- AC: 3 phrase 380V,30A,50/60Hz

- DC: 380V,30A (Max)

Coupling mode: L1,L2, L3, N,PE,freely setup

Coupling capacitors: L1,L2, L3, N,PE,freely setup

Environment requirements: Temperature:15°C-35°C; Humidity: 10%-75%

Power requirements: AC220±10%,50/60Hz, 300W

Dimension: AC220±10%,50/60Hz, 300W

Weight: About 25kg



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