SMAC CWQ61100 高功率数控车床

Max.weight of workpiece: 6T

Max.swing over bed: 1000mm

Max.swing over cross slide: 620mm

Center distance: 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m

Width of bed: 780mm

Head Stock

Spindle hole: F130mm

Spindle taper: Metric 140#

Spindle speeds: 3.15-315 r/min  or  2.5-250 r/mm

Gear box-threads & feeds

Metric threads range (kinds): 44 Kind 1-120mm

Inch threads range (kinds): 31Kind 1/4-24

Moudle threads range (kinds): 45Kind 0.5-60mm

Diametral threads range (kinds): 38Kind 1/2-56DP

Longitudinal feeds range (kinds): 56Kind 0.1-12mm

Cross feed range (kinds): 56Kind 0.05-6mm

Rapid feed: Long / Cross: 1200mm/min, 1800mm/min


Distance between Center & Tool: 48mm

Tool section: 45x45mm


Cross slide travel: 650mm

Compound rest travel: 280mm


Sleeve diameter: F160mm

Sleev taper: Metric 80# or MT6#

Sleeve travel: 300mm


Main motor: 22kw

Coolant motor: 0.15kw

Rapid feed motor: 1.5kw

Standard Accessories: 4-jaw chuck, Centre, Lighting unit, Cooling unit, Special tools

Optional Accessories: 3.4-jaw chuck, Steady rests, Roller supporting device, Follower rest, Grinding or Milling head device, Taper turning device, Boring device

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