SMAC PSCS-125 C-type Single Point Press w/ Slidestroke adjustable

Nominal Pressure (kN): 1250

Nominal Pressure Stroke (mm): 5

Stroke of Slide (mm): 15-140

Strokes (S.P.M): 42-60

Max. Die Set Height (mm): 400

Die Height Adjustment (mm): 90

Depth of Throat (mm): 320

Distance between Uprights (mm): 600

Size of Table

        L-R (mm): 1100

        F-B (mm): 630

        Thickness (mm): 150

Size of Opening in Table 

        Diameter (mm): F140

Bottom Size of Slide

        L-R (mm): 700

        F-B (mm): 400

Hole for Punch Shank

        Diamente (mm): F60

        Depth (mm): 80

Single Speed Motor Power (kw): 11

Variable Motor Power (kw): 15

Overall Dimensions

        F-B (mm): 1860

        L-R (mm): 1400

        Heigth (mm): 3150

Total Weight (kg): 10500

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