SMAC TMU6325 Turret Milling Machine

Table size: 250x1270(10"x50")

Long travel: 770

Cross travel: 420

Vertical travel: 400

T-slot No. and size: 3 x 16

Ram travel: 470

Distance from spindle nose to table surface: 0-405

Spindle hole taper: (Standard): R8

                               (Optional): ISO 30/ISO 40

Spindle travel: 127

Spindle speed: (standard): (shift gradel) 50Hz 65-4500 60Hz: 80-5440

                         (optional): (variable) 65-3750

Auto quill feed: (three steps): 0.04(0.0015"/0.08(0.003")/0.15(0.006") mm/revolution

Spindle motor: 2.25Kw/3HP

Head swivel: 90°

Head tilting: 45°

Dimension of package:

    one miller per case: 1516x1550x2080

    two miller per case: 1650x1790x2170

    three miller per case: 1650x2285x2235

Weight (kg): 1650

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