SMAC URM56/1 Ram Type Universal Milling Machine

Working table (W x L) (mm): 560 x 1635


    Number: 5

    Width (mm): 18

    Distance (mm): 80

Travel of table

    Longitudinal (mm): 1300

    Cross (mm): 700

Travel of ram: Vertical (mm): 500

Min distance between spindle nose and table surface (mm): 40

Swivel angle of milling head: Any 360 in front half-sphere

Spindle taper: ISO50

Spindle speeds

    Range (rpm): 30-2050

    Number: 27

Feed range of table and ram

    Longitudinal (mm/min): 10-1000

    Cross (mm/min): 10-1000

    Vertical (mm/min): 6-640

Number of feeds: Infinitely variable

Feed range of table and ram

    Longitudinal (mm/min): 2200 2540

    Cross (mm/min): 2200 2540

    Vertical (mm/min): 1460 1700

Spindle motor

    Power (kw): 7.5

    Speed (rpm): 1440

Feed motor

    Torque (Nm): 30

    Speed (rpm): 1500

Rapid Feed motor

    Power (kw): 3

    Speed (rpm): 1500

Resolution of digital display (mm): 0.005

Positioning accuracy (mm): 0.05

Reset accuracy (mm): 0.01

Max. bearing weight of table (kg): 1500

Overall dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 2100 x 2621 x 1950

Net weight (kg): 3500

Optional Accessories: Dividing head; Rotary table; Plain vice; Tool box; Leveling block; Centre vice; Spring collect; Iron wedge

Standard Accessories: Milling arbor; Draw bar; Oil gun; Tools; Manuals

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