SMAC VMC1300B Vertical Machine Centre


    Dimensions (mm): 1400x700 

    T-slot Sizes (mmxN): 18x5

    Max Load (kg): 1000

Machine range

    X Axis Travel (mm): 1300

    Y Axis Travel (mm): 700

    Z Axis Travel (mm): 700

    Max distance from Spindle Nose to Worktable (mm): 850

    Min distance from Spindle Nose to Worktable (mm): 150


    Taper: BT40 / BT50 / BT50

    Speed (rpm): 8000 /6000 / 6000

    Main Motor Torque (Nm): 52.5 / 71.7 / 95.4

    Main Motor Power (kW): 11/15 / 15/18.5 / 15/18.5


    X/Y/Z Axis Rapid Traverse (m/min): 24/24/20

    Feed Speed (m/min): 10

Tool Magazine

    Type: mechanical arm

    Stations (number): 24 / 20 / 20

    Changing Time (s): 2.5 / 3.5 / 3.5

Positioning Accuracy 

    JISB6300 (mm): ±0.005/300

    JB/T8771.4 (mm): 0.020/0.012/0.012

Repositioning Accuracy 

    JISB6300 (mm): ±0.003

    JB/T8771.4 (mm): 0.012/0.010/0.008

Gerneral Power Capacity (KVA): 25 / 37 /37

Air-supply Pressura (Mpa): 0.5-0.7

Dimensions & Weight

    Footprint (mm): 3500x3232

    Height (mm): 3361

    Weight (kg): 11000


Standard Accessories: Three-axis Ball Screw, linear guide rail X axis, linear guide rail Y axis, box guideway Z axis, Stainless-steel Guideway Protection, Full Enclosue, Water Tank Chip Conveyors, Lubricating System, Pneumatic System, Air Gun, Heat Exchanger, FANUC CNC System, SIEMENS CNC System, Ethenet, BT50 20T Mechanical Arm Tool Magazine, BT50 6,000RPM Spindle

Optional Accessories: Chain-type Chip Conveyors, Scraper-type Chip Conveyors, Magnetic Chip Conveyors, FIYANG CNC System, Thru-Spindle Coolant 20BAR, Reduction Gearbox, Renishaw NC4 Tool Detection, Renishaw TS27R Tool Detection, Marpross ML75P Tool Detection, Marpross TS30 Tool Detection, Renishaw OMP60 Workpiece Detection, Marpross E83Wa Workpiece Detection, Linear Scale, Hydraulic Monitor, Rotary Table, Air Conditioner, CE Standard, BT40 20T Umbrella Tool Magazine, BT40 24T Mechanical Arm Tool Magazine, BT50 16T Umbrella Tool Magazine, BT40 8,000RPM Spindle, BT40 10,000RPM Spindle

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