SMAC ZN5040B 立式钻床

Max drilling diameter and tapping diameter: Φ40/M24 

Max travel of spindle: 190

Max distance from spindle to generating line of column: 340

Max distance between spindle end to the worktable surface: 665

Max distance from spindle end to the surface of base worktable: 1195

Max travel of worktable and bracket (Mannual/Mechanical): 570(450)

Swivel angle of worktable: ±45°

Spindle taper bore: 4

Spindle speed steps: 12

Spindle speed range: 76-2065

Spindle feed steps: 3

Spindle feed range: 0.1~0.3

Dimension of worktable: 520x440

Effective working area of worktable: 405x395

Diameter of column: Φ140

Power of motor: 1.5

Machine dimension: 849x545x2290

Packing dimension: 1000x650x2220

Net weight/Gross weight: 565/615

Accessories: Shalf sleeve for taper shank tool, Key type drill chuck, Connecting bar for drill chuck, Wedge for taper shank tool, Double open end spanner.

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