Sonel MPI-530-IT 多功能电气安全测试仪

Possible measurements:
Short-circuit loop measurement:
Short-circuit loop measurement with resolution 0,01 Ω, in distribution network without tiggering RCD (IΔn≥30 mA): 0,13...1999,9 Ω
•    measurements using UNI-Schuko plug with measurement triggering  button (also when L and N leads are exchangeable) or 1,2 m, 5 m, 10 m, 20 m test leads, with optional use of  3-phase socket adapters (AGT),
•    Tests of residual current devices (RCD), types AC, A, F, B and B+:
Sonel MPI-530-IT cho phép thử nghiệm các thiết bị còn lại hiện nay (RCD), loại A, A, F và B cũng trong mạng CNTT
Kiểm tra các thiết bị còn lại hiện nay (RCD), các loại AC, A và B (cũng trong mạng CNTT):

L-PE short circuit loop impedance measurement with 15 mA current),
Measurement and recording of voltage, frequency, AC, cosφ and power (active,reactive and apparent), voltage and current harmonics up to 40,  THD.
Measurement of earth resistance RE with the 3p and 4p method•
    -0,5 Ω…1,99 kΩ for 50 V
•    -0,56 Ω…1,99 kΩ for 25 V
Selective earth resistance measurement with clamp (3p + clamp): 0...1,99 kΩ
Selective earth measurement with two clamps: 0...999 Ω
Soil resistivity mesurement (ρ)
0...99,9 kΩm
Phase sequence indication
Measurements of RCD parameters (voltage range 95...270 V):
Insulation resistance measurement
•    for UN = 50 V: 50 kΩ...250 MΩ
•    for UN = 100 V: 100 kΩ...500 MΩ
•    for UN = 250 V: 250 kΩ...999 MΩ
•    for UN = 500 V: 500 kΩ...2 GΩ
•    for UN = 1000 V: 1,000 MΩ...9,99 GΩ
Phase sequence
Low-voltage measurement of resistance and circuit continuity
Illuminance measurement
Dimensions:  ... 216 × 111 × 45mm
 weight ..... approx. 550g

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