Sonel PQM-707 电网分析仪/ 电能质量

 The device is designed to work with networks:
with nominal frequency 50/60Hz,
with nominal voltage: 64/110 V; 110/190V; 115/200V; 127/220V; 220/380V; 230/400V; 240/415V; 254/440V; 290/500 V; 400/690V.
DC network
Supported networks:
+ single-phase,
+ two-phase with common N conductor,
+ three-phase star connection with and without N conductor,
+ three-phase delta.
Parameters of analyzer:
Parametr/Measurement range/Max. resolution/Accuracy
Alternating voltage(TRMS)/0,0…760,0V/0,01 % Unom/±0,5% Unom
Crest Factor Voltage/1,00…10,00(≤1.65 for 690 V voltage)/0,01/    ±5%
Crest Factor Current/    1,00…10,00 (≤3,6 Inom)/    0,01/    ± 5%wm 
Alternating current TRMS/depending on clamp*/0,01 % Inom /±2% m.v. for m.v. ≥ 10% Inom ±2% Inom  for m.v. < 10% Inom (error does not account for clamps error)
Frequency/40,00...70,00 Hz/0,01Hz/±0,05 Hz
Active, reactive, apparent and distortion power/depending of configuration (trasformers, clamp)/up to fordecimal places/depending on configuration (transformers, clamps)
Active, reactive apparent energy/depending of configuration (transformers, clamp)/up to fordecimal places/as power error
cosφ and power factor (PF)/0,00...1,00/0,01/±0,03
Tgφ/0,00...10,00/0,01/depends on active and reactive power error
Harmonics Voltage/as for alternating voltage True RMS/as for alternating voltage True RMS/±5% m.v. for m.v. ≥ 3% Unom ±0,15% Unom for m.v.. < 3% Unom



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