SpireMT RH40-Y-3手持式超声波流量计和BTU仪表

Energy Measurement: Measure Energy rate and energy total. Optional dual RTD is required.

Flow Velocity Range ± 32 ft/s, bi-directional.

Flow Accuracy For pipe ≥6”: ±1% of reading ±0.03ft/s in velocity*

For pipe <6”: ±2% of reading ±0.03ft/s in velocity*

Temperature Accuracy

Temp: ±1.8oF

Delta Temp: ±0.18o F with matched RTD sensors

Repeatability 0.5%

Response Time 0.5s. Configurable between 0.5s and 99s.

Display/Keypad LCD with backlight. 4 x 16 letters. 5 x 4 tactile-feedback membrane keypad plus utility 4 keys.

Displays instantaneous Energy rate/total, flow rate/total (positive, negative and net), velocity.

Units: English (U.S.) or Metric

Physical Quantity Volumetric flow rate, total flow, velocity, temperature, BTU

Totalizers Positive totalizer, negative totalizer, net totalizer, manual totalizer.

Output 4-20mA

Optically isolated Open Collector Transistor output (OCT) for frequency and pulse.


Automatically records the daily total of the last 128 days, the monthly total of the last 64

months and the yearly total of the last 5years.

Built-in data logger (2GB space) for recording Energy, velocity, flow, status, and more

Data Logger >150,000 measured values.


Interface Supports the MODBUS protocol.

Software PC software for data logger download and real-time data acquisition.

Pipe Size Range 3/4" - 120" , depending on transducer.

Pipe Material All metals, most plastics, some lined pipes.

Liquid Type Most liquids with fewer than 1% suspended particles < 75um in a full pipe.

battery Ion-Li up type to 8 hours

Liquid Temperature 32oF - 176oF or 32oF - 312oF , depending on transducer type

Enclosure Handset:

Plastic with anti-shock protection 1.2 lbs with batteries

Carrying case:

Aluminum alloy protective case. Suitable for normal and harsh environment

Protection IP54

Dimensions For handset: 8”x4”x1.5”

For carrying case: 21”x17”x6.5”

Weight Weight Handset:

1.2 lbs with batteries

Carrying case:15 lbs approximate

Power source 3 AAA Ni-H built-in batteries. When fully recharged, it will last over 8 hours of operation.

Standard handheld ultrasonic BTU meter package for pipe sizes from ¾” (DN20) to 28"

Features include:

•  Main unit (handset)

•  THC-RS2 2MHz clamp-on transducer

with mounting rack (magnetic)

•  THC-RM 1MHZ clamp-on transducer

with mounting rail (magnetic)

•  Transducer cable – 15ft (5m)

•  Clamping stretcher

•  RTD temperature sensors in pair –

surface mount type

•  Acoustic couplant

•  Battery charger

•  Terminal cable

•  Carrying case

•  PC software

•  3-point calibration certificate

•  User’s manual

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