Stanhope-Seta SA4000-3 U 硫化氢含量分析仪,适用液态石油产品和原油 (0-250 mg/kg)

Measurement Range: 0-250 mg/kg H2S in the liquid phase (0-250ppm H2S)

Operating Limits: : 60°C ±1°C

Viscosity: Range Up to 3000 mm2/s

Principle of Measurement: Advanced Electrochemical sensor

Test Duration: 15 minutes with VPP

Sample Size: 1ml, 2ml, 5ml (depending on H2S concentration)

Diluent Volume: 20ml

Voltage: 12V DC, supplied with universal A/C transformer

Computer Interface: RS232

H2S Size (HxWxD)/Weight: 220 x 290 x 380 mm/ 8kg


H2S Static Calibration & Verification Kit - SA4001-2

H2S Start up Kit for IP 570 (approx 20 tests) - SA4003-3

H2S Airflow Calibration & Verification Kit (IP 570) - SA4011-0

H2S Vapour Phase Processor (VPP) - SA4015-0

H2S VPP Calibration Kit - SA4019-2

Data Printer - 81002-3

Printer Paper (Pack of 20) - 81002-301

H2S Syringes (pack of 200) - SA4000-007

Calibrated Sensor for H2S Analyser - SA4000-201. Valid for approximately 12 months depending on frequency of use (excluded from warranty).

H2S Pipette Tips (pack of 182) - SA4004-001

H2S Diluent 5 litres - SA4013-0. 20 ml is typically required per test.

H2S Vapour Phase Processor Cartridge (pack of 100) - SA4017-100



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