SterlingSensors EGL160330HG 160mm压力表,带e-Gauge®-lite 4-20mA变送器 (-30"Hg (-1~0) 真空压力范围)

1/2" BSP Parallel, Bottom Entry; -30"Hg (-1 to 0) vacuum pressure range

Product: 160mm Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge with e-Gauge-lite

Accuracy: EN837-1 Class 1.0 (±1.0% FSD)

Connection: ½” BSP Parallel

Dial: 160mm 304 St/St bayonet type bezel

Pressure Range(s): -1 to 700 bar

Material: 316 St/St wetted parts

Ingress Protection: IP65

Operating Temp: -20 to +60°C

Window: Laminated Safety Glass

Part Number: EGL160



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