真空升降机VacuEasyLift VM120

  • 制造商: TAWI
    Model: VM120
    来源: Sweden
    保障: 12 month
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    热线:   (+84) 966520220

    电话:  +84 (24) 62923267


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VacuEasyLift VM120 (VM40) includes:

1. VM120/2.5 VacuEasyLift - Flexed handle - dia. 120mm 2.5m with silent box/hood.

2. Cover VM120/2.5 TAWI.
3. Bottom swivel.

4. Air tube - dia. 38mm 15m.

5. Vaccum tool for stiched/cartons: 2 x 100 x 250 on yoke 400mm with adjustable feet.

6. Parking hook (local manufacturer).

7. Large vaccuum pump: 3.0/3.6kW, 3 phase, 2910/3510 rpm, 230VD/400VY +/-10%, 50Hz.

8. Support shelf for vaccuum pump, mounted on support column.

9. Standard air filter .

10. Electric cabinet (local manufacturer).

11. Wall jib crane, L=3,000mm, max load capacity 80kg.

12. Steel support column for jib arm (local manufacturer).

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TAWI has an old history. The company was registered in 1923 as Tage Wiberg limited company. Originally it was a manufacturing company within the Swedish steel industry.

In 1989 Convacor, manufacturer of VacuMyggan vacuum lifter, was acquired. TAWI launched the  vacuum lifter on the internationalmarket, starting the journey to become market leader in manual lifting equipment.

After 37 years of successful leadership. In 2017, Leif Emblad sold the company to SEB Private Equity. Thomas Bräutigam was appointed new CEO and Christer Nilsson became Chairman of the Board. The first year with new owners and management resulted in strong international growth and innovative product development. The journey continues

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