TECLOCK IM-882 内径量规(55〜153mm / 0.01mm)

Manufacturer: TECLOCK

Model: IM-882

Origin: Japan 

Warranty: 12 months

Measuring Range: 55~153 mm

Graduation: 0.01 mm

Indication Error: ±0.02 mm

Maximum Measuring Depth: 90 mm

Minimum Groove Width: 3.5 mm

Measuring Force: ≤ 3 N

Weight: 240 g



 • Internal caliper gauge to measure internal diameter of cylindrical workpiece and recessed groove diameter. It can measure groove diameter of "O" ring by modifying spare contact point.

 • Set dimension within ±1mm (indication range 2mm) can be comparatively measured (880 series) by alternatively using auxiliary spare contact point in accordance with measured dimension.

 • Please set standard dimension within measuring range with micrometer or ring gauge.

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