TES TES-136 色度计

Manufacturer: TES
Model: TES-136
Original: Taiwan

Triple Display, 4-digit LCD reading.
LED Color Bin select function (x, y) or (Tcp, uv).
User calibration function.
User reference value setting function.
Data Hold function
Data memory and read function.
Data logger function.
Auto power off function
USB Interface
Measure tristimulus values, chromaticity, color difference, correlated color temperature, and illuminance of light sources.
R&D and color inspection of light in a variety of industries such as lamp manufacturers, building and interior design.
Set-up projectors for presentation purposes.
Adjust color of CRTs, flat panel, and other display devices.
Evaluate and control color of light boxes and light booths.
Display : Triple display, 4 digit LCD reading
Measuring Function :
Tristimulus values : XY
Chromaticity :
(Ev, x, y); (Ev, u, v); (Ev, d, Pe);
(Ev, d, Pc); (Ev, MAX, MIN).
Correlated color temperature:
(Ev, Tcp, Δuv); (ΔEv, ΔTcp,Δ uv )
Color difference:
(ΔX, ΔY, ΔZ); (ΔEv,Δ x, Δy);
(ΔEv,Δ u, Δv); (ΔEv, Δuv);
(ΔEv, Δd, Pe); (ΔEv,Δ d,Δ Pc)
Range: 0.1 to 99990 lx, 0.01 to 9999 fc
(Chromaticity: 5 lx, 0.5 fcd or above)
Ev (Linearity): +/-3%rdg +/-2dgts,
xy:+/- 0.02 (800 lx, Standard Illuminant A measured)
Ev: +/- 0.5%rdg +/- 1dgt, xy: +/- 0.003
(800 lx, Standard Illuminant A measured)
Temperature Drift:
Ev: +/- 5%rdg +/- 2dgts, xy: +/-0.008
Humidity Drift:
Ev: +/-3%rdg +/- 2dgts, xy: +/-0.005
Data Memory Capacity: 80 sets
Data Logger Capacity: micro SD Card 4GB

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