Testex TF117C4 压接机 (4 Heads)

Power: 220V  50/60Hz 3A

Weight: 140 kg

Dimensions: 570 x 380 x 380 mm (L x W x H)

Standards: ISO 7854, BS 3424.9, GB/T 12586, ISO 8096


Crumple / Flex Tester, is to determine the degradation of water resistance of coated fabrics due to the crumpling and flexing in use. 

The equipment tests a tube of fabric by twisting it through 90o stretching alternately compressing the tube at the same time. After the completion of the test, the fabric is tested for resistance to penetration by water. Crumple-Flex Tester is fitted with electronic pre-determined counter with automatic stop at a pre-determined number of cycles, and also fitted with acrylic plastic interlock safety cover.


Impact design of construction and appearance

Acrylic safety cover ensures safety in operation

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