Testex TF225 5圆形揉搓机

Power: 220/110V  50/60Hz 

Weight: 45 kg

Dimensions: 640 x 430 x 470 mm (L x W x H)

Test motion: Circular Locus of Dia. 40mm

Test speed: 60 ± 1 r/min

Height of Brush: 2 – 12mm, adjustable

Pressure on specimen: 490cN, 590cN, 780cN,.

Dimension of specimen: Dia. 113±0.5mm (100cm2)

Counter: 1 – 9,999 times, stop automatically

Standards: GB/T 4802.1


Circular Locus Tester, to determine surface deterioration and quality of fabrics (wool, chemical fiber, mixed, kitted and woven fabrics). Using an active friction system, fabric is rubbed against a nylon brush and abrasive or an abrasive only under controlled conditions. Results of the test are achieved in minutes. The relative motion of the locus specimen grip and the abrasive platform is a circle with a relative speed of 60+/-1 r/min. The grip offers pressure to the specimen which is adjustable with a tolerance of +/-1%. For added control and safety, the machine is equipped with a self-stop switch.


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