Testex TF422 水冷式浅色和耐候性测试仪

Power: 220V 50Hz 10kW 

Weight: 400 kg

Dimensions: 1200 x 900 x 1800 mm (L x W x H)

Light source: 4500W Water-cooled long-arc xenon lamp

Average lifetime: 1200 h

Temperature range: 

- Room temp. + 5 ~ 48 ℃, accuracy +/- 2 ℃

- Humidity range 30 ~ 85% RH, accuracy +/- 5 %

Test time control: 1000h

Irradiance range: (0.8 ~ 1.400) +/- 0.02 W/m2 @ 420nm (35 ~ 55) +/- 1 W/m2 @300 ~ 400 nm Other range can be digitally set and automatic compensation

Sample holder: 210 x 45 mm, the max. 

Thickness of sample can be 8mm, 25 samples holders, 250 samples could be tested in the same time

Rotation speed of sample holder: 1 rpm

Independent timing of sample holders: ≤ 1000h

BPT Range (40 ~ 80) +/- 2℃

BST Range (40 ~ 85) +/- 1℃



Light intensity set digitally, real-time monitoring, automatically adjust to meet the different standards required for testing the stability of light source (optional 420nm or 300 ~ 400nm band monitoring)

Blackboard Thermometer (BPT), the Standard Blackboard Thermometer (BST), Irradiance detector and samples placed in the same position, a true reflection of the sample under test conditions, the data displayed as figures, charts, curves on the large color screen, no need to stop for observation.

Large colorful display, a variety of test monitoring modes (animation, digital, graphics) operate easily and clearly.

Sample holders can be timed independently to achieve different tests simultaneity in the same machine

Equipped with Water-cooled rated 4500W long-arc-xenon- lamp, truly simulates the daylight spectrum.

Professional water circulation system, reduce operating costs.

Industrial temperature control (cooling) system offers quickly and smoothly control

Ultrasonic humidifier, professional dehumidification system to ensure accurate and stable humidity conditions.

Equipped with self-circulation system and air filtration system, significantly reducing the environmental requirements.

Cooled by circulating water chillers / water cooling two options to choose from.

Quality assurance of 1000 hours continuous running.

Front and back sides spray pattern on samples.

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