TESTO ViPR 挥发性颗粒分离器

Sampling, dilution: with rotating disk diluter type testo MD19-3E

Dilution ratio: adjustable range 1:15 to 1:3000

Hot dilution: heated dilution block and dilution air

Heating temperatures: +80 °C / +120 °C / +150 °C adjustable on rotationg switch mechanical set up dilution on separate exhaust probe for

connection to sampling probe 

Additional data: see data sheet for testo MD19-3E

Thermal conditioning: with air supply evaporation tube type testo ASET 15-1

Air supply primary: dilution 1.5 normative liter per minute

Secondary dilution: factor 1 to 11

Heating temperature: ambient to +400 °C / +752 °F

Particle measurement 

number concentration: by CPC, any model with RS 232 serial interface Accuracy, size range, response timeresolution: depending on CPC model

Resolution: CPC resolution + 1 pt / ccm




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