THORLABS PM160T-HP 带热传感器的大功率无线功率表 (190 nm to 20 µm, 10 mW to 70 W)

Wavelength Range: 190 nm - 20 µm

Optical Power Measurement Range(b): 10 mW - 70 W

Max Average Power Density(c): 2 kW/cm²

Optical Power Resolution: 1 mW

Measurement Uncertainty: ±3% (1064 nm) ±5% (250 nm to 17 µm)

Sensor Coating: High-Power Broadband

Distance to Sensor from Top Surface of Housing: 4.5 mm

Sensor Aperture: Ø25.2 mm (Ø0.99")

(a) For the complete list of specifications, please see the manual.

(b) Maximum exposure times of 1 h at 10 W, 60 s at 30 W, and 10 s at 70 W optical power are recommended to avoid overheating of the sensor.

(c) For continuous wave (CW) sources, this value is equivalent to the peak power density, while for pulsed laser sources this value is calculated from the time-averaged power and beam profile.



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