Thread Gauge Calibration

With the aim of serving customers with the best after-sales services, EMIN Vietnam has established the Equipment Inspection - Calibration - Repair Service Center. With the support from numerous equipment manufacturers in the world, EMIN Vietnam possesses well-prepared calibrating instruments. EMIN Vietnam has successfully repaired and calibrated specialized equipment in Vietnam, ensuring the quickness, effectiveness and convenience for customers. Only few technical trading company in Vietnam do possess this technical capacity including EMIN Vietnam.

>> Screw Ring for Testing
- A fairly common stage in measurement, the purpose is to check details of the diameter of the threaded hole and screw head when machining has met the standards within the allowable limit or not.

>> Other information
♦ Threads of different types
>> Thread lug gauge: To check whether or not a thread lug gauge meets the requirements? The technician only needs to insert the GD and No Go ends of the control device in the parts with the holes. First, the Go end of the device is inside to the bottom edge of the threaded hole of the part. Next, the technique will take the head ND - G0 of the device to screw back on the threaded holes. If the thread gauge (NN - GD) can only access a little bit, the thread hole workpiece meets the standard. The remaining cases are removed because of failure of the thread standard.

>> Thread ring gauge: To check whether or not the thread ring gauge meets the standards? Technicians only need to use an internal thread device to check through 2 threaded holes GD and No Go Ring. First, the device's threaded hole 60 will be screwed through the screw head of the components. Next, the technique will use the No Go Ring threaded hole to screw it into the screwdriver's head. If the No Go Ring thread control device can only access a little bit, that screw head workpiece is qualified. The remaining cases are removed because of failure of the thread standard.

These are some of the uses and uses of a thread control device. In terms of equipment specifications, they are usually processed according to certain standards such as: ANSI / ASME standards (UNC, UNE, UNEF, UNS ...); JIS standards (GRIRI, GPWP and STUD GRIR ...); IS0 standard (GPNP, GRNR ...) Is it necessary to calibrate the thread gauge? The answer is yes. If you do not want the products you make thread holes or the screw heads to be out of size and unusable. Thread gauge calibration is used to check thread ring gauge or external thread plug gauge specification. The thread control devices that have been used for a long time will be worn out, leading to incorrect dimensions, no longer accurate, and difficult to see with the naked eye. So you need to periodically calibrate them to test the accuracy, ensure production quality for your products.

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