TIME TH722 通用硬度计 (98N)

Pre- Test Force(n): 98

Rockwell Test Force(n): 588,980,1471

Brinell Test Force: (n) 306,613,1839

Vickers Test Force(n): 294,588,980

Magnification of microscope: 37.5×,75×

Max. height of specimens(mm): 180

Distance from indenter's center to outer wall(mm): 200

Machine size(D×W×H) (mm): 560×260×760

Power: AC220V/50Hz

Weight (g): 90000

Standard Delivery

Diamond rockwell indenter

Diamond vickers indenter

1.5875mm / 2.5mm / 5mm ball indenter

Testing table (big, small, “V”)

Standard rockwell hardness block (55~65HRC)

Standard rockwell hardness block(25~35HRC)

Standard rockwell hardness block(HRB)

Standard brinell hardness block

Standard vickers hardness block

Weight 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 0#

15× / 2.5×/ 5× micrometer eyepiece

Power cable


Lamp 6V,21CP

Lamp 6V,15W

Baffle testing table

Inner lamp head

TIME certificate

Warranty card

Instruction manual  

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