TIME TH725 通用硬度计(98.07N(10kg)~1471N(150kg))

Rockwell Hardness

Testing force(n)

Initial testing force: 98.07(10kg) 

Tolerance: ±2.0%

total testing force: 588.4(60kg); 980.7(100kg); 1471(150kg)

Tolerance: ±1.0%


Diamond cone indenter

Ф1.5875mm ball indenter

Scales: HRA; HRB; HRC; HRD

Max height of samples: 175mm

The technical specification of brinell hardness tester

Testing force: 294.2n(30kg); 306.5n(31.25kg); 612.9n(62.5kg); 980.7n(100kg); 1839n(187.5kg)

Tolerance: ±1.0%

Indenter: φ2.5mm, φ5mm Ball Indenter

Scales: HBW1/30; HBW2.5/31.25; HBW2.5/62.5; HBW5/62.5; HBW10/100; HBW2.5/187.5

Eyepiece magnification: 15×

Objective: 2.5×(Resolution 0.5μm) 5×(Resolution: 0.25μm)

Max height of sample:

For 2.5×: max height is 95mm 

For 5×: max height is 115mm

Technical specifications of vickers hardness

Test Force:

294.2n(30kg); 980.7 n(100kg)

Tolerance ±1.0%

Indenter: Diamond vickers indenter

Scale: HV30; HV100

Eyepiece magnification: 15×

Objective: magnification 5×(Resolution 0.25μm)

Max. height of specimen: 115mm

Technical Specification

The power source and the voltage: AC220V/110V, 50/60 Hz

Time-delayed control: 0-60 seconds, adjustable

The distance from the Indenter center to the instrument body: 165mm

Overall Dimension: (L×W×H): 551×260×800 mm

The net weight of the tester: 80kg (Approx)


Accessories kit of main body

Diamond cone rockwell indenter

φ1.5875mm steel ball indenter

Large testing table  

Medium testing table  

“V” shaped testing table

0, 1, 2, 3, 4 weight

2 x Standard hardness block HRC ( high, lower)

Standard hardness block HRB  

4 x Level bolt  


Power cable  

Instruction manual  

Quality certificate  

Plastic Anti-dust Bag

Accessories kit of main body

Digital eyepiece

Seat of microscope in harness

Outside light in harness

Inside light in harness

2.5× Objective

5× Objective

Slipped testing table

Diamond vickers indenter

φ2.5mm,φ5mm ball indenter

Standard vickers hardness block(HV30)

Standard brinell hardness block (HBW/2.5/187.5)


2 x Fuse 2A



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