TIME V3.0 Micro/Vickers CCD 图像自动测量系统

Technical Specification

Computer: 2G memory, 500G hard disk, 19 inch LCD screen 

Operating system: Win XP, Win7

Digital imaging system

High resolution: 130 million pixel, 1280×1024

High speed acquisition: 1280×1024 Resolution: 25 FPS 

High definition: Black and white images and clarity is better. 

Target surface size: 1/2 inch

X-y automatic test table

Table size: 110×110×50 mm

Maximum travel: 50×50 mm 

Minimum step: Less than 2μm 

Movement speed: Adjustable 

Control mode: Manual control, electric control, computer control

X-y test table - computer control mode

Location movement: The test table directly moves to the software settings; 

Point movement: Select any point of the sample, moved to the below of the indenter; 

Directional movement: Click the eight directions to make the test table move and the moving step can be set up; 

Arbitrary movement: Click any directions to make the test table move and make it easy for users to browse the specimen surface; 

Variable speed movement: There are two speeds (fast and slow) when moving the test table and the speed is optional and adjustable;

Other function: Original position arbitrary setting, automatic reset, mechanical limit, and other professional features to meet various requirements.

Measuring method:

Automatic mode——Automatic test table moving (X, y, Z direction) + automatic reading 

Manual mode 1——Automatic loading + manual eyepiece scribed line measurement 

Manual mode 2——Manual test table moving + manual focus + Automatic / manual measurement

Automatic / manual reading

Automatic reading time: Single indentation reading time is about 300 milliseconds; Automatic measurement precision: 0.1μm; Automatic measurement repeatability: ±0.8% 

Manual reading: Manual pick, automatic search points, 4 points measurement, 2 diagonal measurement 

Results save / output

Save / output measurement data and experimental parameters, including D1, D2, HV, X, y etc.;

Save / output effective hardening layer depth curve report; 

Save / output image.

Standard Delivery

Computer (Hard disk: 500G, Memory: 2G, 19 inch LCD screen)

Ink Jet Printer

CCD Camera

1.5× Adapter

USB Softdog

Control Cables

RS232 Cable


Motorized Test Table

Motorized Test Table Control Box

Measuring Software



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