HST TNS-200 Digital Auto Torsion Spring Tester (200 N/mm)

Application: applies to twist spring, spring, elastic elements of rotor rolls and friction of the torsional horn, the test of torsional moment.

Max Test force: 200 N/mm

Test range: 2%-100%

Test machine class: 1 class

Test force Min reading value: 0.1 Nmm

Angle min reading value: 0.1°

Torque indicate relative error: ≤ ±1%

Spring test length: 0-70mm

Deformation error: ≤±(50+0.15l)

Test angle range: 0-±9999.9

Torque dish diam: 100mm

Loading method: Manual Loading

Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz



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