TOB TOB-132MS-500-6M Drying Oven Battery Continuous And Intermittent Coating Machine (6M, 400mm Width)

Source voltage: AC 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ

Power: 40000W

Suitable material thickness

Aluminum foil : 0.01-0.03mm

Copper foil: 0.006-0.020mm

Max electrode width: 400mm

Mechanical tape speed: 1-6m/min

Coating speed: 0.6~8m/min, adjustable

Air compression: 0.5-0.7MPa

Coating mode: Single face continuous and intermittent coating

Equipment length: 8.5M (3M*2Section oven+2.5M)

Equipment function

1 PLC intelligent control equipment, has a continuous convex point easily eliminate clearance

2 Use hot air circulation heating mode, high thermal efficiency

3 Coating method : continuous and intermittent coating 

3.1 The first face automatic fixed-length block coating

3.2 The second face automatic tracking the first face composite coating

3.3 Reverse coating interval length distance

4 Coating length : More than 50mm can set clearance or continuous coating

The minimum coating length : 8mm, Minimum interval length : 5mm, 

The minimum track length : 50mm

5 Double-sided dry thickness accuracy : ≤±0.003mm

5.1 Both the front and coated alignment error : ≤±0.5mm

5.2 Each length error : ≤±0.5mm

5.3 Each paragraph width error : ≤±0.5mm

5.4 Trailing : ≤±0.5mm

6 Volume release tension can be adjusted continuously : 0~25N

7 Precision rectification controller : ±0.2mm(Re)

8 Core winding diameter : 3 inches, USES the gas rose axis, Max 300kg

9 Baking mode : 

9.1 Hot wind drying, hot wind circulation, 

9.2 Electric heating, 

9.3 Hot air volume can be adjusted, air volume can be adjusted

10 Oven material: Both inside and outside is made of stainless steel, oven shell thickness is 1.5 mm

11 Oven temperature: RT- 150 ℃, each segment can be independently adjustable, temperature control precision<±1℃.

12 Coating roll diameter : Φ120 mm

13 Max winding diameter : Φ500 mm,Max volume weight 300 kg



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