TOB TOB-AFMY-200 电池自动灌装系统

Source voltage: AC220V, Single phase. Customized according country request

Power: 10KW

Compressed air: 0.6MPa 

Output: 6ppm, according to vacuum holding and sealing time

Vacuum flow: 350 M3/hour

Suitable battery size: Length 130-285mm, Width 100-170mm, Thickness 8-11mm

Structure configuration

Trough body 3SET

Battery rotating mechanism 1SET

Automatic feeding mechanism 1SET

Weight before filling 1SET

Into the jig transfer institution 1SET

Pour institutions without electric pump 1SET

Vacuum holding box 3SET

Vacuum pre-sealing 1SET

Discharge transfer institution 1SET

Weight after filling 1SET

Automatic discharging device 1SET

Automatic receiving institutions 2SET

With PLC, Touch screen,  

Driving motor 2SET

Project control system 1SET

CAM drive motor 2SET

Vacuum holding box: 1-99s can be set, with -95kpa vacuum degree

Vacuum pre-sealing machine: Sealing stamp width : 8mm

Sealing head length : 300mm

Sealing TEM: Max 260℃, adjustable

Sealing Head parallelism : ±0.02mm

Vacuum degree: -90KPa

Dimension (L*W*H): 8000*1500*2400mm

Weight: 4000kg



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