TOB TOB-BK-3512L/2 电池尺寸和样子分类器 (512 频道, 5V2A)

  • 制造商: TOB
    Model: TOB-BK-3512L/2
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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Source voltage: AC380v, 50hz

Power: 9kw

Dimension: 1600×500×1840mm

Channel: 512

Control mode: Total control

Charging mode: Constant current,constant voltage

Charge cut-off condition: Voltage, current, time, capacity

Discharge mode: Constant current

Discharge cut-off mode: Voltage, time, Capacity

Protect function

Over voltage, under voltage, over current, under current, over capacity

Reverse connect protection

Power-off protection, data breakpoints recovery

Work flow setting: 32 step with 256 cycles

Sampling inspection cycle: ≤8s

Minimum frequency of data recording: ≤8s

Channel parameter

Voltage testing range: 0-5v,  resolution 1mV

Battery voltage range: Charging :0-4.5V,  Discharging :4.5-2V

Constant voltage range: 2-4.5V

Voltage accuracy: ±(0.1%RD+0.1%FS)

Current range: Charging :0.01-2A,  Discharging :0.01-2A,resolution 1mA

Current accuracy: ±(0.1%RD+0.1%FS)

Time range: 0-30000min can be set,

Suitable battery height: 10~80mm

Fixture spacing: 35m



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