TOB TOB-DSP-LBPBM05A Small Lab Planetary Ball Mill (0.2L,0-1400r/min)

Work: Two or four tanks simultaneously milling

Max sample loading capacity: 2/3 of Tank volume

Tank volume: Each tank :0.05L-50L, total volume :0.2L-20L

Feed size: Soil material ≤10mm, other material ≤3mm

Discharge size: Mix 0.1um 

Speed ratio (revolution: Rotation): 1:2 

Speed (rotation):  0-900 r / min (ordinary), 0-1400 rev / min (high-speed type);

Velocity modulation way

Stepless speed regulation

Speed Accuracy 0.2 rev / min;

Programmable control: Ball mill using high-tech micro-computer chip control,

  can set the program forward and backward alternately

  run (0-999min) and forward, pause, reverse, pause, 

forward (0-999min) alternate operation, particularly 

suitable cooling or if you need to run it intermittently

Maximum continuous working time (full load): 72 hours (timer 0-9999h)

Various  optional materials of milling tank: Agate, alumina corundum ceramics, zirconia ceramics, silicon nitride ceramic, silicon carbide ceramic, stainless steel, high wear-resistant steel, manganese steel, nylon, PTFE, polyurethane, carbide, crystal glass, and other special metal materials and so on;

Optional milling media: Agate, alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, stainless steel, high wear-resistant steel, manganese steel, nylon, polyurethane, carbide, glass, and other special metals, etc.

Optional milling environmental conditions: Vacuum ball milling, the inert gas milling, cold milling, ball milling high temperature



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