TOB TOB-DSP-S 小型多功能电池电极涂布机

1.Base materials

Corrosion aluminum foil

Width: 50~320mm

Thickness: 15~50um

Areal density: 27~135g/m2

Copper foil

Width: 550~320mm

Thickness: 6~20um

Areal density: 53~178g/m2

2.Coating methods

1)Comma roll + microgravure coating

2)Comma roll: Continuous & Intermittent, microgravure: Continuous, can be set on the touch screen


1) oven length: 4000mm, 2000mm / section

2) airflow radiation belts and rollers

3) electric heating

4.Machine speed: Max7.5m/min

5.Coating speed: 1~7.5m/min(related to fluid state and the coating thickness )

6.Coating process parameters

1) continuous coating, the coating can be fixed length

2) Min interval length: 5mm

3) Max interval length: 250mm

4) Head and tail thickness control: By controlling the specific point in time to achieve and rubber tire wheel base ratio

7.Coating Precision:  ±1.5% (related to the fluid state)

8.Tension range: 15 ~ 50N

9.Rollers width: 350mm

10.Roller diameter: General, 50mm,

11.Wind mouth Width: 350mm

12. NMP recovery system: Optional

13.Matching demand

1) Power distribution: AC220V, 50 / 60HZ, Max20KW, grounding resistance ≤10Ω

2) Machine size: Machine size:L x W x H = 3.5*1.2*1.5M

3) Compressed air:  Maximum pressure not less than 0.5MPa

4) Exhaust emissions

Reserve at least 400 * 400mm 

Or 400mm diameter exhaust outlet four



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