TOB TOB-DSP-VF17Q-III Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace Of Hydrogen (1700℃,16KW,≤100Pa,380V)

Power: 16KW

Furnace tube size(mm): 400X300X300

Dimension: 700X710X1355

Power supply voltage: 380V

Phase number: Single-phase

Heating element: 1800 type Molybdenum Wire

Temperature control mode: FP93 temperature control (from Japan)

Control accuracy: +/- 1 ℃


1.Phase trigger (with soft start and current limiting function)

2.Current limiting function: furnace transformer secondary current through the post is limited to 160A, 

3.Soft-start function

SCR: 106 / 16E Germany Semikron

Max temperature: 1700℃

Rated temperature: 1650 ℃

Vacuum degree in cold state: ≤100Pa

Heating rate: ≤20 ℃ / Min (available upon request modification)

Recommended heating rate: ≤10 ℃ / Min

Thermocouple Type: Type B

Certification: CE

Surrounding surface temperature: ≤45℃

Maximum temperature use in a variety of atmosphere 

Atmosphere Max temperature

He,Ar,Ne 1700℃

H2 (70%), N2 (30%) 1700℃

Mixed gas 1700℃

H2 1700℃

He, Ar, Ne and H2 1700℃

A mixed gas, 1700℃

H2 may be any content 1700℃



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